Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Been a long time

Well... it's been a while. This is how I started out this blog.... With this song by Madeleine Peyroux. It's one of my faves and really set the tone for the intention of this space that I started 4 and half years ago.

Instead of feeling bad
Be glad you got somewhere to go
Instead of feeling sad
Be happy you're not all alone
Instead of feeling low
Get high on everything you love
Instead of wastin' time
Feel good 'bout what you are dreaming of...

...Instead of feelin' broke   
Buck up and get yourself in the black   
Instead of losing hope   
Touch up the things that feel out of whack   
Instead of being old   
Be young because you know you are   
Instead of feeling cold   
Let sunshine into your heart

 In starting this blog (in late 2011) and in the time since I stopped (even though I only wrote for a little over a year), a lot has happened.  I had no idea where the past three years were going to take us, but I will tell you that there was always a clear intention for this blog ...even though it was never officially mentioned. The timing was never right and we didn't want to rush things. We've spent the last few years teaching and traveling.  And now we're ready for the third part.

 Overall, in the last 3 years, we have become more aware of the little things and less demanding about things out of our control. We have learned to really let go and Let God. We've chosen to be "thankful for every little bit."

This blog will hopefully come back to life at some point. I may once again be posting things here, mostly for my own safe keeping, but I am now going to include a link to a new one.

This new one will chronicle our new journey... into Parenthood.

No. I'm not pregnant. (I actually thought about calling it that.)

In the weeks to come it will catch you up on the last few months (years) and include excerpts from a special letter we are writing. If you'd like to follow, click on this link to "One Breath Closer."

From New Years 2015. We knew the show was about to start.

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